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Matthew Fisher

I am from Verndale, MN with a population of less than 600. I was raised on a farm and played high school sports including football, basketball, and baseball. I spent 12 years driving trucks in MN and the oil fields of North Dakota. I now live in Sioux Falls with my beautiful wife and daughter. When I transitioned into real estate, I had just lost my job and was on unemployment for 6 weeks. I started with 3 clients and got 1 of those under contract. Until I was able to receive my first paycheck, my local church had paid my rent just so we could get by. I started my real estate career at the end of 2018, in my first year I sold 51 homes and in 2020 I sold 91 homes. I now run a team of 3 agents and 2 staff with plans to continue to grow. As a team, we are on track to sell 120 homes at 30M production by the end of 2021! Thanks to real estate, I am financially secure! My wife now works part-time, I recently bought my first investment property, and we are saving for our daughter’s college tuition and our retirement! Take the next step in your real estate career and let me help you reach your goals!

Jessica Walter

Taking care of people has always been a passion of mine.  This is why I graduated from The University of South Dakota with a master’s degree in Social Work in 2014.  The skills I acquired while getting my education were irreplaceable, and flow straight through into my real estate career.  Social work is inherently person centered and real estate should be as well.  I dabbled in real estate when I began flipping homes.  I began to see the need for agents that cared for their client first, and the transaction second.  My love of homes and design clicked with my heart and passion for people, which created a client centered real estate business.  Within 4 years I created a multi-million dollar company that consists of hundreds of happy clients, multiple flipped properties, an apartment complex built from ground up, multiple single family rental homes, a design company and a fulfilled and happy family life.  I am excited to pass on what I have learned to help others create their own amazing stories.

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There are many twists and turns in the real estate arena. New agents, and even some long-timers, can feel overwhelmed by what’s happening in the market today. That’s why we started Real Estate Revolution and the real estate training programs it delivers. Consider it your formal introduction and a welcome to the profession.

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