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Welcome to the world of real estate! Are you a new agent laying the groundwork for an exciting future career? Maybe you’re a home buying and selling veteran wanting to brush up on the latest strategies and technologies? Either way, we have the tools to help you succeed. Learn more about our new real estate training site here!

Real Estate Revolution's Products and Services

Real Estate Revolution is changing the real estate industry by providing resources for new agents and seasoned ones alike. Our innovative resource website follows what’s current and popular. It has tools to help build or update agents’ websites and draw new clients. Here are some of our highly sought-after real estate resources.

Marketing Materials

On our real estate agent resource website, you’ll find marketing materials, including marketing templates for business cards, listing presentations, buyer presentations, mailers, flyers, door hangers, letters, and social media ads. Plus, we offer client gift and swag recommendations, discuss ways to partner with publicity companies, and much more.

Social Media Training

Social media is no longer just for sharing personal messages with friends and family. Today, it involves multiple platforms, site analytics, a strategy for scheduling posts—and simply keeping up with all the new developments. Our social media templates can help you figure out where and how you fit in.

New Content Added Monthly!

Our goal is to help you build your media presence on and offline.

Real Estate Training Videos From the Pros

Our site’s real estate professionals explain new concepts and make recommendations to help agents succeed. Our videos show you how to generate leads, developing presentation scripts, do real estate farming, create listing presentations, and other topics.

We also offer professional advice and coaching videos on topics like buyer presentations, organizing tax documents, saving on business expenses, luxury marketing, working your sphere, buying and selling foreclosed properties, and more.

Materials to Help With Leveraging and Balance:

We want to help our site’s visitors navigate the expansive world of real estate—which could mean working with those in collaborative roles such as lenders or insurance agents. We also want to guide you in selecting and hiring an assistant and possibly a transaction coordinator or showing assistant.

It’s also essential for new real estate agents to be familiar with concepts like ad budgeting, working with buyers’ agents, and, above all, maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

About Us

We’re a team of experienced and enterprising real estate agents, and we remember how much time and energy it took to get started in this bustling and competitive industry. Because we have been successful in our careers, we want to help new and seasoned real estate agents using our many resources.

Act Now to Get Ahead in Your Local Market

There are many twists and turns in the real estate arena. New agents, and even some long-timers, can feel overwhelmed by what’s happening in the market today. That’s why we started Real Estate Revolution and the real estate training programs it delivers. Consider it your formal introduction and a welcome to the profession.